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Event Staff

Job Description

These position are only available to those living off site. If you would like to take advantage of our employee housing all of our other full time positions are available with on site housing. This is a part time position for those looking to pick up extra hours or can only work part time Friday-Sunday helping our front of house staff set up and manage our weddings and events on property. We may have select on site housing available for weekend events only for those who may want to travel to work a weekend event. We can approve these on a case by case basis. 

Salary: $16-20/hr *Based on Experience* 

Perks: Shift Meal, Tips, Discount in Cafe/Store

Job Start Date: May 25th - October 31st

Department: Food & Beverage/Facilities 

We are looking for front of house hospitality serving staff with some experience in banquet/event service to help our foodservice front of house staff during weddings and events. Duties can include helping set up ceremony sites, set up our large event hall for receptions or other locations for catered events, helping manage and maintains buffets or catering stations, clearing tables, bussing during events, bar tending for those who have experience, helping clean up and breakdown after events. We work as a team throughout all our events to ensure we provide the best experience possible for our guests while having a good time working together. 



  • Foodservice experience preferred, but not required, including taking orders, bringing food out, bussing plates and glasses, helping maintain a buffet (replacing food, cleaning areas), etc. 

  • Experience working a bar a plus

  • Ability to work 8-9 hour shifts on your feet

  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs

  • Values punctuality and efficiency in the workplace 

  • Ability to maintain cleanliness and organization assigned areas of front of house

  • A team player who enjoys working with others collaboratively to make every meal experience amazing for guests

  • Must have non-slip shoes in solid color (black/brown/etc) not bright

  • Event staff uniform: Black pants, black shirt, belt if needed for tucked in shirts, black socks, non-slip shoes.

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