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  • What is there to do at Ogontz?
    Ogontz has its own lake and a number of recreational features to offer. There are acres of mountain trails to explore, a boathouse with canoes & kayaks, a swim house with a floating dock, a wood fired hot-tub next to a waterfall, campfires, tennis courts, volleyball court, soccer/kickball fields, kids outdoor playset and swings, many quiet sitting areas to relax and hang out in, etc. If you’d like to bring along any field games you love to play, please do! We have a bunch of different games, but you are welcome to pack your soccer ball, baseball gloves, or bike if you’d like. There is tons of space to play!
  • What should you pack?
    The weather in summer is relatively warm, however, the nights will likely be cool. We suggest checking the weather for Lyman, NH before you pack. We have some extra blankets available, but better to be prepared. We also have Ogontz sweatshirts, pants, and other apparal available as well as toiletry items, panchos, water bottles, sunblock, bug spray, and other amenitites at our Ogontz Store on property should you need them.
  • There's a lake! Can I swim in it? Can I fish in it? Do I need a license? Can I take out a kayak/canoe/rowboat? Are there life jackets available?
    Yes! The lake is great for swimming and going out in small boats like kayaks and canoes. Large motor boats are not allowed on the lake. All row boats, kayaks, and canoes are stored at the boathouse and must be checked out by the attendant on staff there. There is also a collection of life jackets of various sizes (child & adult). However, if you have your own life jackets that you know you’ll use or if you have very small children, you may consider bringing your own. You will be required to sign a waiver to be able to use the non-motorized sports and life jackets are required. There is a swim house with a big cement dock and floating dock, as well as, two small ‘roped in’ swim areas. You are welcome and invited to swim the lake, but please note that there is no regular lifegaurd on staff. There are trout, bass, and pike in the lake and you are welcome to bring your fishing gear. If you plan to fish, please be sure to get yourself a license for the day or for the weekend. More information on fishing licenses can be found at
  • How do meals work? What if I have an allergy or dietary preference?
    If you have opted in to our all-inclusive meal packages, you will receive a wrist band at check-in. Each color corresponds with what package you reserved whether it is all 3 meals or just the breakfast and dinner package. Each meal can also be purchased a la carte at the reception and you would bring the meal ticket to the attendant in the dining hall. All meals are served buffet style at specified times with iced tea and water and seating is first come, first served with outdoor seating available as well. Ice water is available all day between meals in the dining hall. It is important to let us know if you have any allergies or other dietary restrictions prior to your arrival. Ogontz tries to accommodate all diets at every meal, so if you have concerns please contact us. There will always be a vegetarian option and it is often easy for individuals who follow a gluten free diet to just avoid the freshly baked breads and desserts but please note we are not a dedicated gluten free facility. We take pride at Ogontz in preparing fresh from scratch meals with real food so expect food to be big on flavor and hearty! If you have purchased a full meal package, but are not planning to be at the resort for lunch either for a hike, swim, or other activity you may fill out a boxed lunch form at the reception office at a minimum of 24 hours in advance to pick up the next day. They may also be purchased a la carte. Should you need or want any snacks, coffee drinks, or soft drinks in between meals or just want a light snack, that is available in our Ogontz Store cafe for purchase during the day as well.
  • What should I do when I arrive, where should I park?"
    Check in starts at 3PM and rooms are not gaurenteed available until then. Please check-in at the main reception office, also called the Post Office, building located in the center of the camp right along Ogontz Road. We’ll have maps of the campus available for you and will direct you on where to park to unload for your particular cabin. Once you unload your belongings into your cabin, please park your car in the parking pasture. The parking area in the central part of the camp by the reception office is reserved for staff & guests commuting back and forth to the property and for camp vehicles and is not overnight parking for guests. You are welcome to arrive prior to 3pm to explore the grounds or grab a snack in the Ogontz Store and cafe.
  • Resort Rules
    Yes, there are some rules at Ogontz which will be provided when you arrive and check in at your specific cabin. Smoking Policy: No smoking, candles or any other kind of flames in or around the cabins or buildings. There is a designated smoking area which the front office team member can indicate on your map for you should you need it. No smoking is allowed outside of this area. This includes vaping. Fires are ONLY permitted in designated areas, including the fireplaces and wood stoves in indoor cabins and fire pits outside. Should you need more firewood, tinder, or matches please ask the team member in reception and we will have someone refill it for you. Alcohol: All alcohol must be legally purchased and consumed by those over the age of 21. Alcohol is permitted in your private cabin, but please use descretion when consuming it outside your cabin. We want our guests to enjoy their stay and relax, but for the safety of our staff and other guests, any guest found to be inebriated on campus or disturbing the resort experience will be asked to retire to their cabin immediately. Anyone found providing alcohol to underage staff or guests will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. Drugs: We do not allow the use of non-prescription drugs on campus. Anyone found consuming or providing drugs to underage staff or guests will be asked to leave immediately with no refund. Follow NH state laws as it pertains to (fishing, boating, drinking, driving, etc.) If something isn’t working right or breaks, please let someone on our staff know. Things happen and please remember we are a rustic almost 100 year old property, and the sooner we know, the sooner we can fix it! (ex. a faucet with a leak or a running toilet, a bed slat slips out of place, etc.)
  • Why a wedding in the woods?
    We’ve gotten this question a lot. Think of it like a Destination Wedding! Northern New Hampshire is a beautiful location and Ogontz is the perfect destination for any wedding or event. We are the perfect blend of rustic charm with modern comforts and amenitites that allow our guests to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern day life and reconnect with eachother.
  • What do we mean by "rustic"?"
    Good question! Our main property is the site of the original Ogontz White Mountain camp started in 1923 for elite girls out of Philadelphia. So many of the structures carry this rich history of almost 100 years and with that still have a lot of what we consider "rustic" qualities to them. In the Adirondack Glamping cabins you can see the names and dates of past campers stemming all the way back to the original group in 1923. We prefer to preserve these rather than paint over or remove them because we are proud of our history and it is what makes us who we are. With this comes a lot of work to maintain the structural integrity and preserve what we can. You will see the original wood burning stoves used to heat the cabins before cental heat or A/C existed. The majority of our enclosed cabins on the main campus are heated by wood burning stove if needed, but we do have space heaters and fans availble at reception if needed to check out. All cabins have electricty and outlets. The only "open air" cabins are the Adirondack Glamping cabins that are fully screened in and have privacy drapes around the entire cabin that can be lowered. The other cabins are all enclosed and some have shared latrines while many have en suite bathrooms. While we are constantly upkeeping and maintaining these cabins, we do ask that you understand the significance of this heritage and the fact that a big part of our charm is the ability to step back in to a time when TVs, DVDs, Satellite TV, and iPhones did not exist and experience just a little bit of that nostalgia. If there is any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform the front desk and we will remedy it as soon as possible. We thank you for helping us revitalize and maintain this experience for the next generation.
  • Do you have WiFi? Cell Service?
    The main campus does have limited WiFi available by the office and Ogontz Store. You can sit on the wrap around porch or the green Aidirondack circle to utilize the WiFi. That is also the best location for cell service on the property. You may also use the main office landline phone to make any out bound calls in the continental US. The internet is Satellite internet and currently we use a combination of Hughes Net and are expanding to use Starlink this Spring. We do have several cabins that have their own internet lines and satellite TV. These are the Equestrian houses, the Mountain Meadow House, and the Cottage by the Dorm can pick up on the Dorm's WiFi.
  • How are we addressing COVID?
    We at Ogontz take COVID prepardness very seriously. While we are overjoyed that vaccine distribution has begun, we know it is on all of us to help mitigate the spread to protect those who are still vulnerable. Upon check-in, you will have your temperature taken and will be asked to sign a waiver attesting that neither you nor anyone in your party has had any symptoms or exposures within the last 14 days. We will be retaining all records for contact tracing, and if you have a vaccine immunization card we will copy that to keep on file as well. All staff will be wearing masks, there is santizer posted in all public spaces, and dividers as well when needed. We are fortunate that all of our cabin's are standalone with no shared entrances with the one exception of the Equestrians that share a breezeway entrance to their separate cabins. Cabins do not share any central air systems and most have the ability to be copletely open air. In addition, all cabins are a minimum of 6-8' apart from each other. All shared lavatories are also screened in and windows are open during the spring, summer, and fall to allow for optimum air circulation. They are sanitized on a strict schedule by our staff. Each cabin comes with their own towels and bedding for their stay and in accordance with national hospitality guidance, we do not clean rooms during you stay although we can provide any extra linens or towels upon request. Our dining hall is also entirely screened in and the windows open to allow for air circulation. You may be asked to choose a meal time upon check-in depending on the number of guests to allow for as much space as possible between parties during dining. We also have a full deck outside the dining hall with tables or you can enjoy your meal picnic style on the lawn just down from the deck as well. If you wish to take your meal to-go, we will have containers available for that as well upon request. We just ask that you dispose of all trash porperly to help keep our beautiful natural property healthy and clean both for other guests and for the wildlife that call us home. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Yes we do allow dogs in most cabins. We do charge an additional $50 per stay for additonal cleaning fees. We do ask that they be leashed when not in your cabin and on any part of the property. We do not allow cats or other pets at this time.
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